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The care of female health slimming tips


Many of my friends have with reaction is increasingly prominent in the lower abdomen to worry about, in order to achieve the slimming effect, took out their diet or even strokes of the hunger strike out misplacing, hard to for a short time after, because the method is too extreme, after their mental and physical exhaustion caused by, a little slack will come to naught. Xiao Bian heard after only reluctantly shook his head and smiled, but to lose weight not pain. The following tells you 6 noteworthy thin life small details, stick to it will see results. So you don't have to diet, can easily reduce fat.
1, daily fruits and vegetables can not be less


Weight loss can not reduce the amount of food, and the corresponding adjustment of the structure of eating, control the total intake of calories. Eat more vegetables, fruits can not only produce a sense of fullness, reduce appetite, fruits and vegetables in the rich fiber can also contribute to defecation.
Effective weight loss Vegetable & Fruit:
The king of thin fruit, rich in pectin, can accelerate detoxification, reduce heat absorption, which can prevent edema of the potassium. Chewing slowly, not only to produce a sense of fullness, and the heat is also very low.
Rich in potassium, fiber and vitamin A, to promote digestion, treatment of constipation, but also low calorie. Do not because of its sweet taste is thought to lose weight.
White radish
Contains amylase and mustard oil, can help digestion, promote the metabolism of lipids in the human body, reduce fat accumulation.
2 refuse beer belly



Wine does not contain fat, but the heat is very high, it will increase the body's cortisol levels, resulting in fat accumulation, especially in drinking at the same time intake of high energy food, or excessive drinking. Alcohol, which can not be turned into fat, can hinder the consumption of fat.
Therefore, try to stay away from alcohol. Have to drink, should pay attention to reduce the oil intake, it is recommended to eat the time control within half an hour, as far as possible not to eat greasy dishes.
Decomposition of alcohol recommendation:
The amount of chopped celery mash, squeeze out the juice drink. Celery is rich in B vitamins, can break down alcohol.
Mung bean, red bean, black beans 50 grams, plus 15 grams of licorice, boiled beans, soup with clothing, alcohol can be decomposed.
3 proper motion optimization curve


No matter how busy and tired, I insist on half an hour exercise every day. Can not only consume calories, shape the body curve, but also can enhance vital capacity, and promote physical health.
1 for the elimination of abdominal fat, sit ups is undoubtedly an effective way. In addition, weight loss is not difficult, pay attention to the details is very important. Correct posture, chest and abdomen, remind yourself, stick to it will be less accumulation in the abdominal fat. Weight loss is not difficult, pay attention to the details is very important. Correct posture, chest and abdomen, remind yourself, stick to it will be less accumulation in the abdominal fat.
be careful:
Want to lose belly fat, sit ups must control the rhythm, can initially be 5 times a minute, slowly increase until every minute 30 times around. The position of the force should be in the waist, not the leg.
2 see the effects of massage massage stick can promote body discharge of waste, can promote fat metabolism, make the abdomen tense. After the bath, slimming cream painted body lotion, to the navel as the center, clockwise according to the abdomen 50 laps, counterclockwise to 50 laps, adhere to a month, waist must be narrowed.
When it comes to the end, really want a good physique, a healthy lifestyle is essential, food and how much weight loss drugs or reported how many courses, without good habits, in fact, the role is not big. Hope everyone can have a good health habits.
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